Computer Engineering Society

This is a group of student Enrolled in Naval State University taking up BS in Computer Engineering.Every Student enrolled in this Course(BScPE) is encourage to join this Organization as a tradition of the school.

Project Design


Recently Fifth year Computer Engineering Student is working in their propose project Entitled School ID Automation.

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Recent Progress


Due to availability of resources and some technical Problem that they have been encountered as of now March 15,2013 day of the tentative date for their Pre Defense.

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(since the day they started)
image1 03-14-2014

The making of timeline and brainstorming about the proposed project took place at this time.

Flower 2 03-15-2014

Furnishing the prototype was made possible during this day.

Flower 3 03-16-2014

Agenda: testing of the circuits in every module if it is functioning or not.

Flower 4 03-17-2014

Continuation of circuit testing.